Huffington Post Offers Last-Minute Online Charity Store

logo-thegoods.gifLooking for a late addition holiday gift-slash-tax deduction? The Huffington Post just made it that much easier by adding a last-minute section to its “Gifts That Give Back” online store, which is part of its new vertical Impact.

HuffPost, in conjunction with charity group Causecast has made it possible for you to buy your loved ones the greatest gift of all: helping the less fortunate. Which will totally make up for the fact that you forgot to buy your mom a present until December 24th. Peruse the gifts here that start at $25, which, let’s be honest, won’t break your bank account no matter how hard up you are.

Full press release after the jump.

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New York, NY, December 17 — The Huffington Post and Causecast announced today a “Gifts That Give Back” online store highlighting items and services for those in need that can be purchased as last-minute holiday gifts in the name of friends and family members. An initiative of the recently launched Impact section on The Huffington Post, the store features a wide range of gift ideas from nonprofits targeting the needy. As virtual gifts, all are guaranteed to arrive before the holidays are over.

“We’re delighted to offer an online holiday store focused on giving back,” said Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post. “With painful economic times leaving families struggling to make ends meet, this has become a holiday season of serious belt-tightening. This scaling back has also extended to charitable giving. It’s a cruel irony that as the number of people in need rises, the number of people able to help out is falling. It’s why we decided to create a virtual store where goods and services for those in need can be purchased in the name of your friends and family members (or yourself!). It’s the perfect shopping experience for people looking to go beyond the consumerist aspects of our end-of-the-year celebrations and focus on the impulse to give back that is at the heart of what we are celebrating.”

“At Causecast, we report every day on the struggles of people around the globe to fulfill basic needs — i.e. to get an education or even just to feed their families,” said Ryan Scott, Founder & CEO of Causecast. “Through ‘Gifts that Give Back,’ people can not only give a gift to their family and friends, but help someone in need at the very same time. In that way, give really is the new get.”

Nonprofits featured in the store were selected by Causecast based on their in-depth knowledge of their work. A diverse group of charities are highlighted, including both domestic and international causes. Gifts range from a year’s worth of education through Save the Children to a surprise stuffed animal for an ill child from the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

The store features gifts in three price ranges: under $25, $25 to $50, and over $50. Each item is meant for those in need. And since the people whom one buys a gift in the name of will immediately be notified via an eCard, these “pay it forward” presents are ideal last-minute gifts. Plus, anything purchased on the Gifts That Give store before the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve is tax deductable.

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