Huff Post Live Explores Pop Culture’s Obsession with the Vice Presidency

h-VP-348x516Thanks to shows like “VEEP” and “House of Cards,” many Americans outside of Beltway are finding themselves fascinated with politics, Washington, and the Vice Presidency.

On Friday, June 13 at 12 noon, HuffPost Live will bring together a panel of experts to explore how the role of the VP has assumed more power in recent administrations and pop culture’s recent obsession with the position.

Sitting down with Huff Post’s Josh Zepps – one of the founding hosts of the “Live” series – will be former chief-of-staff to VP Gore and VP Biden, Ron Klain; Vice Presidential historian Joel K. Goldstein; Executive Producer of “VEEP,” Frank Rich; and Vice Presidency scholar Joel Goldstein.

Ask your questions and watch the segment here.