HTC Smart: When Did Dumb Feature Phones Get So Smart?

I don’t look at the so-called “feature phones” often. But, when I do I am often very impressed by what I see. These so-called low-end non-smart phones often seem to have simple but well-designed functional user interfaces that let the casual phone user quickly get to a function. And, for the most part, the list of functions on these phones rival (and sometimes exceed) features on smartphones. Giant firms like Nokia make a good chunk of change from selling these feature phones for regular people (non tech geeks). Today’s feature phones would have been considered wonderous phones just a few years ago. So, is it any surprise that HTC, which has focused on smartphones since it entered the phone market, is looking at the feature phone market? CES: HTC Announces the new Smart Phone

Boy Genius Report:HTC launching “new category” of smartphone with HTC Smart

“HTC Smart” phones will be based on the latest version of Qualcomm’s widely used BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) that is the usually unseen and unmentioned engine for many feature phones. BREW MP (multiplatform). So, another capable feature-rich smart non-smartphone is about to hit the shelves soon.