Updated: HTC Flyer on Clearance at Best Buy – $99

It looks like the Kindle Fire has claimed its first victim. Best Buy has put the base model of the 7″ Flyer, HTC’s first foray into premium Android tablets, on clearance today.

Update: Sorry folks. This wasn’t a clearance sale. Best Buy accidentally lowered the price online and didn’t bother to fix it.

The Flyer was launched earlier this year and it received generally positive reviews. In spite of the reviews, sales were rumored to be low. This was probably the result of the Flyer being priced in the over $400 range of premium tablets, which likely hampered its success.

The Flyer runs Android v2.3 on a single core CPU, and it has a 7″ capacitive touchscreen, 16GB Flash, no card slot, Wifi/Bluetooth, speakers, and a pair of cameras (1.3MP & 5MP). The hardware doesn’t look all that impressive, but I think the software probably made up for it. The Flyer ships with a number of customized and sophisticated note taking abilities that some appmakers have integrated into their apps. for example, Kobo released an app just for the Flyer which can do fascinating things with scribbled notes.

It’s sold out online, so you’ll need to beat a path to your local Best Buy store.