HP Sells HP Calculator for iPhone but Not Windows Mobile HP PDAs?

HP 15C Scientific Calculator for iPhone image courtesy of HP

HP Calculator emulator by Omnisolve Bundled with HP Jornada 620LX

Macworld’s article about HP releasing HP Calculator apps for the iPhone prompted me to go take a look over at the iTunes App Store…

HP releases iPhone versions of classic calculators

…and dig through my personal screenshot archive from a decade ago (Impressions: Upgrading the HP620LX to Windows CE 2.11 (“Pro”)). Back then HP licensed Omnisolve’s HP Calculator emulator (which seemed ironic even back then) for Windows CE devices like the HP 620LX Handheld PC and HP 420 Palm-size PC. Then, the company that literally invented the HP Calculator stopped providing any enhanced calculator for their Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. So, it seems completely ironic to me that HP now sells a couple of different HP Calculator apps for the iPhone but still doesn’t have one for their own Windows Mobile devices.

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