Howie The Machine

Kurtz23.jpgIf it’s Monday, it mean it’s Howie Kurtz Day–what his column and chat today and his Reliable Sources CNN show yesterday he basically owns the media real estate today. Thus it’s fitting that Kit Seelye looks at the one-man media machine today, examining his controversial dual roles and the bizarro moments that it leads to–like yesterday’s scene where, in one role, he interviews his boss from his other life.

As she says, “You’ve heard of reality television? This might be reality newspaper. It is ‘The Washington Post Live,’ and it is playing out on CNN, thanks in part to Mr. Kurtz and his highly unusual double role as media writer for The Post and media referee for the cable network.”

While the questions are familiar ground, it’s always fun to see the hysteria that Kurtz can manage to whip up.