Howard Rubenstein on Larry King: ‘One of the Most Engaging Clients I’ve Ever Represented’


Once news became public this past Tuesday that longtime CNN host Larry King would be leaving his show this fall, we reached out to the PR consigliere behind King and many other bold-faced names: Howard Rubenstein.

“Larry is one of the most engaging clients I’ve ever represented,” Rubenstein told us in an e-mail. “He has such vast experience and knowledge that he can speak with authority on hundreds of current issues. And not only that, he’s extremely charitable; giving speeches to worthy groups and tremendously improving their fundraising capacities.”


So what’s next for King? He has already committed to doing occasional specials for CNN, reports TVNewser, and his agreement with the network allows him to also work elsewhere as soon as this Fall, provided it isn’t at a direct CNN competitor such as MSNBC or Fox News.

Also, don’t rule out paid spokesman gigs in King’s future. “He could be the spokesman on television for any product,” Rubenstein told the New York Post, but added, “He doesn’t want to lose his credibility…It has to be real.” is already reporting that King has become a financial partner in The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company.

Rubenstein will continue to be a careful protector of the King brand, especially since the two have shared roots. “Larry and I share our childhood experiences in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn,” he said. “We had the same friends and we both played basketball at the Jewish Community House in that neighborhood. Larry is modest, bold, different and came to his enormous success from a poor beginning. He’s lived the American dream and is an inspiration to millions.”