How to Train Your Employees to Handle Social Media [Infographic]

So your company wants to engage with social media to help your marketing efforts, but you’re not sure whether to hire an outside firm or to enable your employees to manage the social media itself.  It comes down to whether you’re able to find the social media rock stars at your company and give them the tools they need to succeed.  A great infographic from Mindflash takes a look at this problem specifically and highlights and a few interesting ways to solve the problem.

First of all, “not all of your employees have the same relationship with social media,” and that’s a fast way to find out who you should be training.  Mindflash breaks it down into the Digital Native, the Savvy Technologist, the Reluctant User, the Digital Contrarian and the Digital Newbie.  Obviously, the Digital Native is someone who lives on the web effortlessly — they make a perfect fit depending on your social media goals.

The infographic also looks at personal social media use at your company, and asks whether you’ve looked at the policy they operate under.