How to Stay Safe While Shopping Online (Infographic)

More people are shopping online but their biggest concern is having their identity stolen.

As more consumers take to online shopping for the holidays, behavior and attitudes are changing. However, some of the regular issues persist, including concerns for online safety. An infographic from offers some tips for staying safe online this holiday season.

BeFrugal teamed up with The Omnibus Company to conduct an online survey of 1026 American consumers 18 or older. Among those who participated, the number one concern among users was becoming a victim of credit card of identity theft. The survey found that 42 percent worried about data exposure, while only 24 percent were really concerned with finding the perfect gift. Perhaps we have Pinterest to thank for that low number.

Overall, 75 percent of survey respondents were worried about sharing their personal data online, or in store this holiday season. BeFrugal found that 63 percent were worried about in store purchases, 53 percent were concerned about spending on a brand’s own website, and 45 percent were concerned with shopping through a brand’s app or mobile site. They may be right to be worried, given the number of high profile credit card data breaches in recent years.

However, uses could mitigate some of these risks by practicing better social media hygiene. BeFrugal’s tips include:

  • Using antivirus/anti-malware solutions
  • Using and regularly updating strong passwords
  • Verify the source of downloaded apps, and read permissions carefully
  • Keep a close eye on credit card transactions, and report any suspicious activity immediately

For more tips, view the infographic below.