How to Send Private Messages with Encypted, Glitchy Images

Crypstagram is offering an image service unlike any other. The site lets you embed messages inside private images that is  protected with a personal password. Created by The Barbarian Group, the service is like Instagram for the paranoid. In an interview with Wired, Babarian’s Ben Turner describes the project as a way to meld glitch art and privacy protest into one photo and messaging tool:

We were more interested in combining the themes of glitch art, government surveillance, and personal cryptography than we were with dictating a message or lesson. The best we felt we could do was provide a tool for people to play with those themes all in one place, to contribute their own opinions and feelings into a common product: a glitched-out image with hidden messages within.

To encrypt your own image, upload a photo and select a filter. You can type in a message below and choose a password. Crypstagram lets you send and share the image to as many people as you’d like. As long as they have the password, they will be able to decrypt the images and the embedded message.

Here is my personal, encrypted photo: click on it to visit the site where you can use the password, appnewser, to unlock a seasonal message.