How To Increase Engagement on the New Twitter Profile

The new Twitter offers a variety of ways that you can engage your followers that the old Twitter did not. While the design changes might not have seemed like much to talk about in the beginning, it’s clear now that they were implemented to give you more control over your profile, and they offer unique ways that you can increase engagement on your Twitter profile.

Engagement is key to really building a relationship with your followers. You want them to get to know you, interact with you, and share what you share. But you want this to stem from an honest representation of yourself or your business too – otherwise, you’ll alienate your followers quickly.

Let’s take a look at the ways that the new Twitter allows you to engage your followers, and how to best use these features to represent yourself in an honest manner.

First, the new Twitter carries over some important features of the old Twitter that seasoned users have been leveraging for increased engagement for some time.

The profile picture is still there, and still offers a way to visually represent your Twitter account. This tiny image will accompany all of your Tweets, so be sure that it meets several criteria: it should be PG-rated, relevant to you or your brand, and up-to-date.

And, just like with the old Twitter, new Twitter lets you customize your profile background. The truth is, not too many people are going to be clicking over to your profile nowadays, as the new Twitter’s larger right panel will display profile information without taking a user to the actual profile they want to see. However, it’s a good idea to update your background to meet the new size requirements of the new Twitter, to show you care about the details.

The new Twitter offers some unique engagement opportunities beyond these Twitter staples. For instance, videos now appear in the right-hand panel when a user clicks a link, as opposed to taking them away to another site. This integration means that videos are going to become increasingly important to the Twitter experience, and offers you an opportunity to engage your followers with relevant, informative, entertaining and thought-provoking video.

One word of warning: avoid sharing video just because you can. It’s fun to watch a video right in Twitter, but your users are looking for things to learn from you and a video should help solidify what you or your brand is all about in their minds. Ask yourself what the point of the video is before you post.

The new Twitter also offers in-site photo viewing. This means that your photos will have to stand on their own – users won’t be automatically taken to a website or photo album that would otherwise explain the photos and put them into context. This means that you need to provide the context in your Tweet. You also have to ask yourself how the user will see the photo. Without surrounding context, will they “get” it? Be sure that you are really thinking about your followers’ experience when posting photos, and if done right, engagement will follow.

This more unified new Twitter offers you several different avenues for increasing engagement, but you have to remember to use them responsibly. You want your brand to stand up as durable and cohesive on Twitter, and honesty is usually the best policy when it comes to social networks. Choose pictures and videos that represent your brand, and your followers will thank you.