How To Get Rid Of A Twitter Villain [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve all had to face up to a Twitter villain from time to time. Those people that don’t let your tweet go without picking apart the grammar mistakes, incorrect use of commas, logical fallacies and inconsistent comments.

How do you deal with your Twitter critics? This infographic lays out the 8 most common types, and gives you the tools you need to fight them off.

Created by CreditLoan, “How to Get Rid of Villains in Social Media” is directed towards bloggers, but any content creators are going to encounter a villain – and that includes you, dear tweeter.

Some of the villains will be quite familiar to most of you, being the recurring baddies of social media. Trolls for instance, whose sole purpose is to offend others, often by baiting them in an argument, appear quite frequently on Twitter. This infographic recommends that you “do not feed the troll”, so to speak – that you ignore their purposefully offensive tweets altogether.

And then there’s the disruptor. That Twitter user who doesn’t even bother to read the links she shares, nor adds anything substantial to any conversation. Again, the best defense here is to ignore her comments, and focus on the users who are truly offering something of value.

My personal favorite is found at the bottom of the infographic: the know-it-all. He’s a smarty-pants who will pick apart your tweet, only interacting with you to correct a mistake. To ward off his negativity, this infographic recommends using rational arguments without letting your ego get involved.

You can check out the remaining 5 Twitter (and social media) villains in the infographic below (click to enlarge):

(Image courtesy of keellla via Shutterstock)