How to Convince Your Boss to Pay You to Tweet

Do you know the basics of Twitter?  Do you find yourself checking Facebook or YouTube several times an hour?  Well you may be able to convince your boss to pay you to mess around with these social media sites, for your company.  Or you may be able to create work for yourself, in a company that has not yet embraced the world of social marketing.

You will likely not see a significant sum of mulla for doing this.  But it is a great way to make a little bit of pocket change.  And it’s a fantastic way to bump shoulders (while proving your work-ethic) with management.

So, how can you convince your boss to let you run the social media pages at work?  Let’s say you’re a waitress.  Here are some tips (pun definitely intended) to fool your boss into paying you to do some fun work, from home.

Step 1: Become familiar with the lingo of major social media sites like Twitter and YouTube.  Learn the ins & outs by spending a few weeks experimenting, and playing around, with the features.  You do not need to be a computer genius.  Learn just enough to feel comfortable navigating your way through the site.

Step 2: Show your boss the video found at this link.  Statistics and visuals are amazing bait for luring in your boss.  And your manager will be impressed that you took the time to find this inspirational piece of work.  Brownie points!

Step 3: Toss out confusing buzzwords that make you sound smart.  If you’re talking about Twitter, say things like, “We can create guest-list hashtags for our nightclub.”  Or, Anyone who tweets their location from the restaurant gets half price appetizers on Wednesdays”.

Step 4: Propose table tents in your restaurant that say, “Why not Tweet us your experience at our restaurant?”  Advertise the fact that, if your patrons follow the restaurant, they will get Tweets about upcoming acts, sweet menu deals and events being held at the nightclub above the dining room.

Step 5: Propose your pay.  Maybe suggest something that seems small.  You could offer $1 on top of your hourly wage.  It will seem insignificant.  But it will add up!  If you need to prove to your bosses that you are actually doing work, meet with them once a week; and show them how you are rockin’ it!  I am willing to bet that they will eventually grow tired of your meetings; and they will begin to trust that you can handle this.

Now you will need to prove that running social media is important for the company.  If the video doesn’t convince them, maybe suggest running the sites for free for a few weeks.  Then show your bosses the online activity.  Show them what people are saying about the restaurant.  Show them how the hashtags work.  And show them some other companies who are succeeding in the social media world.  There’s nothing like showing your boss that the competition is one step ahead of you to convince them to move forward with an idea.

Now, don’t let rants, like the one found in this hilarious video, scare you.  You don’t have to be an expert.  But as long as you can convince someone else that you are, then you are golden.  Just be creative with your proposals.  And you can make some nice change.

If you work in a place that is looking for something a little more “suit & tie ” there are also many business-related sites that run on the same model as Twitter.  Salesforce Chatter is one example that targets businesses.  Why not watch the tutorial videos, then propose organizing Chatter accounts in your office?  You will look like a go-getter.  And hopefully there will be a bonus in there for all of your hard work.

If there’s not a bonus in it for you… well… your boss is an ungrateful jerk.

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