How-To Configure an iPhone or iPad with Microsoft Live Mail, Calendar & Contacts

Microsoft’s Hotmail works with the email apps for Windows Phone and its predecessor Windows Mobile. However, its lack of support for IMAP4 or even POP3 has made it difficult to integrate with non-Microsoft mobile platforms. Ironically, it did not even use Microsoft’s own Exchange ActiveSync which Google has used with great success for its web-based mail, calendar and contacts services.

However, Microsoft recently updated its web services to use its own Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). This means that platforms that support EAS can now work with Microsoft’s web services. Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Google Android both support EAS, for example.

Microsoft provides the main configuration information on a mobile friendly web page.

Hotmail with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)

You may find these tips will help you quickly configure Hotmail, Calendar and Contacts with iOS devices.

1. Select Exchange Server as the mail server type
2. In the Email field, just type in your Hotmail username. Do not type in the part of the name
3. Type in as the server name
4. Type in your entire email address in the Username field. For example,
5. Set “Use SSL” to On

Tips 2 and 4 are the key. They are, in my opinion, backwards. You would expect to type your entire email address in the Email field and just your name without in the Username field. But, this is not the case.