How to Build A Successful App on Facebook, Guaranteed!

While speaking on a panel at Snap Summit yesterday, one of the audience members posed a question to the panel: how do you gain exposure outside of the U.S. on Facebook? My response was to simply translate your application. While browsing through the application directory yestreday, I saw a number of Spanish and Turkish applications that were quite successful. One individual approached me after the summit yesterday and said that he is Turkish. He brought up one application in particular: Raki Sofrasi.

This application now has over 80,000 active daily users. That’s pretty impressive considering that there are currently just under 600,000 Facebook users in Turkey. Why was it so successful? Cultural affiliation. Prior to the Jewish high holidays this year there was a Rosh Hashanah application that acquired close to 100,000 users in a matter of days. If you want to succeed on Facebook, simply target a cultural, demographic or religious group that is currently being underserved.

Lee Lorenzen of Altura Ventures made a great suggestion at yesterday’s summit: go through a bookstore and look at the covers of every magazine. If any of the demographics being targeted by the magazines aren’t currently served (or are underserved) on Facebook, go build an application that targets them. It’s as simple as that. Have you seen any other applications that leverage this strategy?

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