How To Boost Visibility On Bing Via Facebook

Dan Pritchett, executive vice president for Logos Bible Software, tells us how his company successfully optimized its placement in Bing search results after the integration with Facebook.

We sought to improve our search engine optimization for the incorporation of Facebook data into Bing and generated better results than we ever anticipated.

We planned ahead to engage our users with a fun way to show their support for us, spread the news about their favorite products on their Facebook pages, and become a new participant, or a more engaged participant on our Facebook page.

By engaging with our customers, offering them something of value, and giving them a fun way to tell others about their favorite products, not only did we accomplish our goals of preparing for Bing to incorporate social data into their search results, but we added more than 7,000 fans to our page (a 31 percent increase), generated over $100,000 in revenue, and so much more.

We announced a promotion on our social media outlets, and just assumed that only the people that were already engaged with us would participate, so we were floored when we increased our Facebook fans by 31 percent after asking them to be fans for years. They finally found the appeal that engaged them and they became fans just to participate.

That alone is interesting news” We have been asking all along for everyone to be a fan, engage, do stuff with Facebook and Twitter, and more… We thought we had them all. We were wrong. When we finally hit on the appeal that they were interested in, we added over 7,000 fans that we had no idea were just waiting on the sidelines for the right pitch.

In the “Like-a-thon” promotion, we asked our fans to like their favorite products, and offered reward their efforts by offering discounts on the most liked. This made them surf our website, and generated thousands of dollars in sales even before we released the specials. Just sending them surfing around our site generated the business.

Here are some statistics:

  • 14,556 new likes
  • over 7,000 new fans (that’s a 31 percent increase in just 19 days)
  • 800,000 impressions of our brand on our fans’ walls.
  • Average like click rate on our pages increased from 0.12 percent to 6.7 percent
  • Amazing fan engagement: three out of four people participated in the Like-a-thon (a 12,000 percent increase over no promotion)
  • Facebook referral sales up 300 percent before we even offered the discounts Facebook referral sales up 3,100 percent over the course of the promotion.

Dan Pritchett is the executive vice president for Logos Bible Software.