How To Add Music To MySpace Profile Page

Have you ever wanted to add music on your MySpace profile but didn’t know how to do that? Everything has an answer and below I will list couple ways how to do that. Actually you don’t need to prepare to do some very complicated actions to have music on your profile – everything is pretty easy and doesn’t take long time to do that.

1. Add songs from artists profile pages.

This way is the most easy one – you need just find your favorite artists and click the ‘add’ button in the music player next to song name. After that you automatically will have music player added in your profile and visitors will be able to listen to music.

2. Add music players from like Finetune and Sonific.

This is also very easy way to add music to your MySpace profile. In this case you will need to embed player in your profile by adding the code provided by current music player page. My favorite two players for MySpace is Finetune and Sonific – you can get all information how to add these players to your profile by visiting their websites.

I must say that I recommend to use second option to add music, because these players have more advanced features and better looking design which I think you will appriciate.