How Often Do You Actually Read In Sunlight?

Amazon is constantly reminding you that reading on the Kindle makes for a better reading experience in sunlight. I couldn’t agree more. The Kindle, the Nook and even the Kobo, make great reading devices under the bright light of the sun. (I’ve tested them all, and they all work great outside). But my question is, how often do you actually read in the bright sunlight?

While I fantasize about reading poolside on a daily basis, in actuality, I do most of my reading inside, at night, in the dark. For this reason, I prefer reading on my iPad. It makes a great eReader, especially if you like reading when your spouse is trying to sleep. No need for lights.

I also do a lot of reading on the subway. While I hate to break out the iPad on the train, because of petty crime, I’m happy to pull out my iPhone and read books that are synced to my iPad reading libraries. A Kindle (or Nook or Kobo) admittedly, is a bit more discreet than an iPad on the subway. A bit. (We’ve heard stories or Kindles stolen on the subway, and plenty of stories of phones stolen on the subway). Print is probably the best in this situation.

When I add it all up, a backlit screen works best for me. People often ask me which eReader is the best and I always tell them to consider their reading needs and budget before deciding. What are you looking for in an eReader?

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