How Not to Launch An Application

Browsing through the directory this morning I stumbled upon the new Virtual MTV application. Give that MTV is so hip, I just had to try it out 😉 I added the application and after being asked to invite my friends I was redirected to my profile. I was pretty frustrated because this is how they described the application: “A FREE ONLINE virtual world where you can live the MTV Life.” God only knows that I want to live the MTV life! Where is my virtual world? Typically I disable profile boxes when I install applicaitions so nothing displayed on my profile either and there is no sidebar link for the application.

I uninstalled the application and tried it again this time around though I let them install something in my profile box. All that showed up was the widget that you see embedded in this article. I click on the widget in my profile and head over to the “videos” tab. I highly recommend checking out the first video because it’s pretty hillarious (at least I thought it was). If you click it you’ll here the following:

Hey this is the guys from cobra starship and we’re hanging out here at MTV’s virtual world. We all just got sweet new outfits and we’re hanging out at our private after party so come on and hang out with us.

Now, I don’t watch MTV anymore but was it always this bad? Who says something like that? I guess what was difficult about this application is that I didn’t understand the context of the application. I’ve never watched the show “Cobra Starship” nor have I partied in the MTV virtual world. I definitely wanted to though when I saw the application! I think MTV should have embedded their virtual world within this application so that when you added the app, you were automatically “beamed into” the virtual world. Maybe I thought about this too much.

Either way, I’m not a big fan of this widget app. If you are into Virtual MTV (whatever that is), go check out the Virtual MTV application.