How Much Does Apple Care About iBooks: A Reader Responds

Yesterday, eBookNewser asked readers whether they felt, from how it was introduced at the iPad event, that iBooks was an afterthought in its iPad concept. One reader, posting as “remaines,” offered a very thoughtful response that we want to share:

“I don’t think iBooks is an afterthought, nor is it central to Apple’s thinking–it’s part of a larger vision of how we consume media of all forms. Just one part of the larger whole. There are plenty of people who don’t want to throw down a chunk of change for a device that does one or a few things–like a dedicated ereader. Apple is betting that, just as many of us were delighted to consolidate our phone, iPod, and Palm or Blackberry into one object that met all our communication needs, people will want to watch movies, read books, and play games all with one object that can go wherever we want to do those things.”

As to why iBooks got such a small share of the spotlight during Steve Jobs presentation, our reader said, “Steve Jobs knows who his audience is. He knows that, although we in publishing are watching the ereader aspect eagerly, most of the people in that room were more interested in other things. He played to his audience.”

Anybody else care to weigh in?