How Much Do iOS Devices Contribute to Apple's Bottom Line: Asymco Says 65%. But, They Need to Drop That Estimate a Bit

Apple announced very good fiscal 2011 Q1 results last week Tuesday (the day after CEO Steve Jobs announced his leave of absence for health reasons). Most notable were the jump in iPhone sales (86% compared to the quarter a year earlier), big iPad sales numbers (7.33 million during the quarter), and impressive iPod sales (19.45 million) despite the 7% decline.

Apple by the Numbers for Fiscal 2011 Q1: 16.24M iPhones, 19.45M iPods, 7.33M iPads

Market analysis firm Asymco says that:

65% of Apple’s sales came from iOS powered devices

However, as a commentor to the blog entry points out: Only half of the iPods sold last quarter were iOS based iPod touch devices. Other iPods do not run iOS. So, Asymco needs to drop their estimat by a couple of percentage points (at the very least).