How Major Brands Want to Monopolize Our Children

Depending on what kind of family you were raised by, you either have lovingly wonderful or horribly debilitating memories of the iconic board game, Monopoly. If you had the type of sister who lent you money, you probably think life is fair. If you had the type of brother who spit in your mouth, you probably think Monopoly is the root of the global recession. That game brought out the best and worst of our siblings.

Nevertheless, few would argue Monopoly needed to be kicked up a notch, particularly considering the public ill will towards soulless megabrands and the corrupt state of our financial institutions. Making Monopoly any more corporate—particularly now—would just be tone deaf and greedy far beyond taking your brother’s money and fanning yourself with it, right? Well, you may want to sit down for this.

Hasbro is introducing the new Monopoly Empire game where players build towers on which they place billboards and battle each other in a race for the top. But this family-oriented game doesn’t include names like Park Place and Boardwalk. As the Monopoly Empire website explains, “With the Monopoly Empire game, you can own some of the biggest brands in the world! Every space on the board is an iconic brand, including Xbox, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Samsung!”

That’s right, these megabrands will have found a new way to enter your personal space and become part of your child’s world. At least when teaching our kids how unfair luck and business can be, we can also teach them why everyone resents manipulative advertising, too. It’s probably not bad training for the real world, actually.

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