How Green Is Your Favorite Company?

If you happen to like the planet that we live on, you need to do your part to make sure it’s still here in the future. badbuster.jpgPart of that can be accomplished by taking organizations to task for not being environmentally friendly. Newcomer BadBuster helps expose how eco-offending companies and their products.

Designed to raise awareness and put some much-needed pressure on environmental standards, BadBuster aggregates information from a handful of databases, eventually determining a single environmental score.

The company also has a browser plug in (currently only for IE 6 and 7 on XP and Vista) that will underline company names and products, producing a condensed report upon mouse over. Green is good, yellow is so-so and red indicates a big-time offender.

For example, currently, the Coca-Cola Company rates 58 out of 100 on its environmental work, while competitor PepsiCo only receives 23 out of 100. Assuming this information is correct, (and we have no reason to doubt it), consumers now have the power to make a choice.

While the information provided is nothing new, this is the first site of its type to put it all on a single page in an easy-to-digest package. Who would have ever thought that News Corporation would rank a 56 (yellow) while Viacom ranks a 17 (red, very red!). There are many surprises on the site which are sure to have people talking.