How Does A Bee Purl? We Want To Know!

It’ a question that really bothers us at night. We picture a bee sitting on a log somewhere in a quiet, leafy forest with two knitting needles, its legs crossed and his wings quietly flapping behind him. He’s biting his stinger while he attempts to cast on and then purl for the first time in his short life. He looks a bit cross-eyed at this point. We just want to say, “Honey, don’t sweat it!”

That’s a long-winded way to say how much we like the purl bee, a blog devoted to knitting and quilting. We think “the purl bee” moniker is a play on the words quilting bee, not a certain insect making fabric with two needles. In any event, it amazes us that there are quilters interested in knitting and vice versa. Although we know plenty of knitters who like to sew! Even if you don’t do either craft, is a pleasant place to visit with its appealings graphics. All this talk about stitching textiles reminds this writer that she wants to visit Quiltology, a new Chicago shop devoted to one particularly obvious hot hobby, during this loooong holiday weekend. Somehow, we don’t think Steve would be interested in tagging along.