PR Is One of the World’s Top 10 ‘Most Misunderstood’ Jobs

Do your parents understand what you do for a living? Should they, or do you want them to think PR is all about throwing fancy, Diddy-style parties and hanging out with local artists?

Today LinkedIn announced an unusual initiative called Bring in Your Parents Day, which they describe as “a global initiative designed to help bridge the gap between parents and their professional children”. It seems that the company is inviting its own employees to bring their parents to work on November 7th and attempting to encourage other companies to do the same so parents can get a better idea of what, exactly, their kids do for a living.*

Why should you care? Well, the page includes a study and a list of the “10 Most Misunderstood Jobs“, which just happen to include both “Public Relations Manager” and “Social Media Manager”. Surprise, surprise.

Here are some basic findings:

  • 35% of parents surveyed confessed that they are not completely familiar with what their child does for a living
  • 59% of parents want to know more about what their child does for work
  • 50% of parents say they could be of benefit to their offspring by having a better understanding of their career
  • Also: 97% of parents say they’re “proud” of their kids’ professional achievements, which makes us think that 3% of the workforce is in politics or porn
42% of parents say they’re not confident in their ability to describe PR jobs, so the brilliant minds at Business Insider wrote their own summary (and we just love that they included a picture of Miley Cyrus on the red carpet with this description):

Let’s give LinkedIn and Business Insider a hand: how do you describe your job to your parents?

*We’re not sure how this would work, but it has to be better than Bring Your Kids to Work Day with the running and the screaming and the “No, I’m not going to tell you how cute your son or daughter is, OK?”

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