How Disney is Using thisMoment To Promote Step Up 3D

When Step Up 3D debuts in August, viewers who tracked the lead up on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and their iPhones will take for granted that the dancers and music are all in sync. What they won’t see is thisMoment’s Distributed Engagement Channel (DEC) used to publish and manage common video clips, contests and photos, as well as real-time chat functionality, across these disparate environments using a single Content Management System.

The Step Up 3D channel connects over a million fans, creating a unifying experience for both the brand and consumers. Users are able to communicate across platforms – a real time stream on Facebook, for example, displays comments posted via Twitter.
thisMoment’s DEC enables a single interactive brand channel to be distributed in its entirety to multiple social environments, including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, the brand site and the iPhone. The customizable DEC features real-time connection among all deployed environments and allows brands to leverage a single CMS to publish and manage content.
User-generated submissions can be moderated by the brand and can be uploaded directly to the channel or pulled from users’ existing social media libraries. The DEC also features social activity reporting (e.g. uploads, shares, comments, streams, etc.) both by specific environment and in aggregate.
David Singh, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Walt Disney Studios, said, “thisMoment’s platform allows us to create a consistent experience across the most popular social networks, as well as the iPhone, essentially creating one connected ecosystem around the film.”

“As the first company to leverage thisMoment’s iPhone capabilities, Disney is offering a truly innovative, multi-platform experience for Step Up 3D fans,” said Vince Broady, CEO and co-founder of thisMoment. “Being able to engage with the film’s content while on the go is hugely appealing to the Step Up community, so we’re excited to help Disney deliver something new to their fan base.”
A customized version of the Distributed Engagement Channel is now available to Google advertisers as an upgrade to YouTube brand channels.