How did the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup victory buzz through Facebook?

A few days after the Miami Heat celebrated their NBA Finals victory, the Chicago Blackhawks brought home the Stanley Cup — the National Hockey League’s greatest prize. Fans of both the Blackhawks and Boston Bruins used Facebook to communicate, as analysis by NetBase found that there were 128,050 public mentions of the championship series on Facebook from June 18 through June 25, accounting for 7.21 percent of the total online conversations of these topics.

Overall, these mentions were 74 percent positive and 26 percent negative.

PageData analysis shows that likes of the Chicago Blackhawks page skyrocketed on the day after the victory, with the page gaining more than 16,000 new Facebook fans.

NetBase analyzed the Facebook discussion around the terms “Stanley Cup,” “Blackhawks,” and “Bruins.”

Stanley Cup

  • Total mentions on Facebook: 28,621
  • Sentiment: 82% positive, 18% negative


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  • Total mentions on Facebook: 50,104
  • Sentiment: 83% positive, 17% negative


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  • Total mentions on Facebook: 49,325
  • Sentiment: 62% positive, 38% negative

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Shortly after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, Facebook users started liking the team’s Facebook page in mass numbers. Here’s the comparison of the schedule with Facebook like activity. Chicago is in blue and Boston is in orange.

Image courtesy of Thomas Barrat /