House GOP Sends Reps a ‘How to Discuss Unemployment’ Doc

The debate over whether or not to extend unemployment benefits, which recently expired for more than a million Americans who can’t find work, promises to provide the public with its next extremely annoying political “battle”—and our two parties have already begun practicing their counter-arguments.

Yesterday Robert Costa of The Washington Post acquired a doc distributed by House Republican Conference chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers to all members of that august body advising them on how to discuss the matter at hand.

Seems that “unemployed people are just lazy, OBV“, while popular with a certain core voter base, doesn’t play so well with the public at large. Who knew?


Nothing terribly surprising in here.

The doc gives us some variations on “tax cuts create jobs while unemployment extensions facilitate dependence on the government”—a mantra that should sound familiar to anyone who’s been paying attention to American politics for the past thirty years or so.

We will say, though, that it’s a bit weird to have to remind politicians (who ostensibly represent the public) that unemployment can be “a personal crisis” and that the writer felt the need to add “and their family” as if long-term unemployment isn’t devastating for childless people too.

Its almost like Congressmen live lives totally disconnected from those of their own constituents, isn’t it?