Hot-A-Thon: Early Exits

As the votes begin to pile up–nearly 2,000 in some races–in the Fishbowl D.C. Hot-A-Thon competition, many people (cough, George Stephanopoulos, cough) have been asking about how they can view the early exit results:

Here’s how to keep track: Male Off-Airs, Female Off-Airs, Best Dressed, Female On-Airs, and, last but not least Male On-Airs.

Notable overnight developments are the strong push in favor of surging frontrunner Katie Slaman and the insurgent efforts (bad pun intended) of LAT Pentagon duo of Hendren & Mazzetti.

If you still haven’t voted, express your feelings here:

  • The hottest female on-airs here.

  • The hottest male on-airs here.

  • The best dressed here.

  • The hottest female off-airs here.

  • The hottest male off-airs here.