Horoscopes and Easter Gifts For This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

This week’s list of emerging Facebook apps still under a million monthly active users leads off with Family Feud, an online replica of the classic game show. The game really took off this week, with users alternately begging, complaining and threatening about its limitation to two plays per day on the rating board. With the limitations, Feud is just begging for someone to create a knockoff. There’s even an obvious name at hand: Facebook Feud.

Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Family Feud775,816+494,093+175.38
2.icon What Song Was #1 on your Birth Date?679,553+187,309+38.05
3.icon Hugglicious401,313+179,410+80.85
4.icon iKarma267,624+179,258+202.86
5.icon Sende süße Goldhasen297,120+160,624+117.68
6.icon Happy Hotel955,037+156,014+19.53
7.icon Surprise Easter Gifts191,194+143,034+297.00
8.icon My Tribe253,769+141,264+125.56
9.icon PoxNora604,247+135,897+29.02
10.icon Hızlı Yaz157,187+132,185+528.70
11.icon Fish Friends273,253+128,977+89.40
12.icon Evony134,403+128,743+2,274.61
13.icon Daily Tarot Cards211,023+110,615+110.17
14.icon RockFREE291,823+109,489+60.05
15.icon FarmVillain348,085+104,905+43.14
16.icon 三國風雲 – 問天下誰是英雄!305,535+104,894+52.28
17.icon Funflow959,493+102,553+11.97
18.icon TransForce – Robot strategy browser game of 2010204,733+93,095+83.39
19.icon Aquarium Life657,603+87,421+15.33
20.icon Beau Ou Moche ?259,447+87,303+50.72

As we point out on our sister site Inside Social Games, a pair of brand-new games from Playfish and Zynga zoomed right past this list and into multi-million MAU territory; head over to ISG for more on that. In the meantime, the non-game leader of this week’s list is What Song Was #1 on your Birth Date?, which shows users the billboard hit from the day they were born.

Hugglicious is a fairly straightforward gifting app. Hot on its heels, we find iKarma, a daily horoscope that really takes the category a step further. We’ve seen a variety of horoscope apps becoming successful lately, some offering a straightforward reading, others your daily luck or lucky numbers. iKarma rolls all of these concepts into a single hippy super-center that propagates itself by telling users that they might become luckier if they “spread good karma” on their friend’s pages by sharing symbols for peace, prosperity and so forth.

Sende süße Goldhasen, a German-language app, urges its users to send holiday greetings with the “original gold rabbit”, which is probably actually a chocolate confection, knowing the Huns. Surprise Easter Gifts, as you can see from its icon, has sprung for a golden egg instead. And that covers the top ten — the remainder down to number 13, Daily Tarot Cards, are all games.

We do want to point out FarmVillain, though, at number 15. The creators of this FarmVille parody, which posts gross or odd messages about happenings on an imaginary farm to your wall, claim to have been banned by Facebook twice before for offensive material. But at 348,085 users and growing, it looks like they’ve managed to stay within the bounds of acceptable taste this time around.