Hootsuite Offers Twitter Security Alerts To Help Protect Your Accounts

Do you live in fear of the Syrian Electronic Army hacking your Twitter account? Or do you have a CEO with less than stellar social media skills? Or maybe you belong on our Twit List as someone who outsources “social” to interns and kinda deserve whatever public embarrassment you get.

But regardless of the scenario, a little Twitter security couldn’t hurt. For at the end of the day, even the most savvy social-ites are at risk.

And guess what? Hootsuite’s got yo’ back:

HootSuite now offers Security Services. It’s designed to head off your next social media crisis by preventing “account hackings and high-profile mis-tweets” and ensuring your “social assets are secure.”

It’s all about preventative measures these days, isn’t it?

Providing centralized control, alerts and crisis training, HootSuite Security Services are insurance for valuable social assets against both internal and external threats. Key components of the program include social media education, training, best practices and simulations along with innovative social media security tools and the highest level of support and account management available. 

And here’s more info on the Twitter Security Alerts:

Think this would help your business divert disaster? The preventative stuff is great, of course, but the real value is probably found in the simulated crisis trainings. Learn more about them here!

Do you have a social media crisis plan?

(Image from Hootsuite Security Services)