HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes On How The Company Crowdsourced Its Name [VIDEO]

HootSuite is one of the largest social media management platforms out there. With over 2 million users sending tweets, managing lists and participating in hashtag chats every day, it is a Twitter power-user’s dream.

At the Shorty Awards industry awards ceremony on October 6th in NYC, HootSuite’s CEO Ryan Holmes gave some pretty cool insight into how on of the most popular Twitter dashboards came to be. Check it out in this quick video below.

I’m personally a HootSuite user myself, so I found it especially neat to hear from its founder just how the company got its legs. Being a social media platform, Holmes explains they strictly adhere to the “social” element in their entire business aspect, even going to far as to crowdsource the name “HootSuite”.

Holmes also spoke about how winning a Shorty early in its life impacted HootSuite – and how the award itself was the catalyst for the name change from Bright Kit to HootSuite.

My favorite quote: “We built all of our business eating our own dog food”. Awesome!

You can check out the entire interview below: