BBM Teams Up With Hootsuite to Engage Channel Followers

BlackBerry announced that it will partner with Hootsuite to allow brands and marketers to manage BBM Channels through the scheduling platform.


For those wondering if BlackBerry is still around, it is, and the company has just announced it’s teaming up with Hootsuite to allow BBM Channel management through the scheduling platform.

According to BlackBerry, the collaboration will simplify social media engagement for community managers and marketers, allowing them to share posts on their BBM Channels to other social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The dashboard will also provide real-time analytics to measure activity.

“Managing a brand’s social media presence is a juggling act. Marketers need tools that can help them automate and streamline the management of content across multiple platforms,” Matthew Talbot, SVP of emerging solutions at BlackBerry, said in a statement. “With Hootsuite, we’ve made it as simple as clicking a button to share posts on BBM Channels to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ and vice-versa.”

All users across Hootsuite’s Free, Pro and Enterprise levels can manage BBM through the Hootsuite dashboard.

“With the undeniable popularity of messaging apps, brands are looking for ways to join the conversation,” said Greg Gunn, VP of business development at Hootsuite. “Our collaboration with BlackBerry on the BBM Channels App will empower users to leverage social strategies in real-time across multiple platforms, straight from the Hootsuite dashboard.”