This Account Gives @Homophobes The Attention They Deserve

Similar to the account we shared with you last month that focuses on retweeting folks who are @alittleracist, there’s another gem on Twitter – and this one focuses on homophobes.

If you check out this account, prepare to be infuriated. Unless you’re a homophobe – then prepare to get eyes crossed angry.

There are lots of rotten people in the world and many of them seem to create anonymous accounts online and troll with hateful posts. And Twitter is not immune. Actually, as it only requires an email address to open an account, anonymous trolls are pretty common.

Surprisingly, quite a few folks spew venom with their real names attached though, which should tell all of us that the level of acceptance for this crap is far too high.

But fear not, non-confrontational online participant! @Homophobes takes it upon itself to retweet these horrifying humans and bring shame upon them. If possible.

The account also occasionally highlights a “homophobe of the day:”


And there are some particularly compelling collections of tweets on the @homophobes Storify account. We’ll let you check those out for yourself, but among them (there are only three posted) you’ll find ‘a homophobes guide for dealing with a gay child’ and it’s nothing sort of disgusting.

The way to best sum up this account was captured below:

Will you be checking out the @homophobes Twitter stream and following it to show your support? Tell us about it.

(Love image from Shutterstock)