HOAX ALERT: Bears QB Jay Cutler's Facebook Page

Facebook has deactivated a fake profile page impersonating as Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Facebook has deactivated a fake profile impersonating as Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

The profile had created a bit of a media frenzy after a status update appeared asking fans not to talk bad about Cutler’s ex-fiancee and former Hills star Kristin Cavallari.

The status update said, “Thank you all for the support, but if you talk bad about Kristin I will delete and block you. It’s unnecessary and heartless.”

NBC Chicago confirmed that Facebook deactivated the profile for being fake.

Cavallari tweeted, “I do NOT have a facebook” and “Jay doesn’t have a facebook either…so all these articles quoting him are wrong.”

In the meantime, fans are showing their support for Cutler on another Facebook page, which isn’t official but has more than 13,000 likes:

Congrats Jay! It took a lot of courage! We support you!

Bummer with Kristin…she’s a cool chick. Keep your head up. Glad to hear the lockout is over…excited to see the bears play this season!

glad you ditched the bitch! love you…excited to see you play this year!

The couple broke up over the weekend, just days after their engagement party. Cutler and Cavallari had been together for 10 months and were four months into the engagement.

Cavallari tweeted late Sunday, “Thanks for the support. Love u guys.”