Hitwise Looks at Upstream Links to News, Media Sites from Twitter.com

Hitwise senior online analyst Heather Hopkins posted a blog entry following up on her post earlier this month, in which she compared news and video sites accessed via Facebook and Google News. This time, she added Twitter to the mix.

Hopkins wrote that Twitter accounted for 0.14 percent of upstream visits to news and media sites last week, and 60 percent of those visits were to either social networks or entertainment sites.

She added that the top 10 news and media sites receiving traffic from Twitter were: The Huffington Post, CNN.com, NYTimes.com, People.com, Google News, The Drudge Report, Digg, weather.com, msnbc.com, and Yahoo! News.

Hopkins wrote:

Twitter.com accounted for 0.14 percent of upstream visits to news and media sites last week. (Note that we are measuring Website visits from Twitter.com only.) This compares to 3.64 percent from Facebook and 1.27 percent from Google News. Facebook was the No. 3 source of visits to news and media Websites last week. Google News was the No. 11 site, and Twitter.com ranked No. 39.

Twitter has enjoyed explosive growth, nearly tripling its share of U.S. Internet visits year over year last week. However, news and media companies have not seen similar growth rates in upstream traffic from Twitter. Upstream visits from Twitter.com to news and media sites have grown by 54 percent over the past year. Compare this to upstream visits to all categories of Websites, for which visits from Twitter.com have more than doubled (138 percent).