Hitwise: Facebook September US Visits Up 194 Percent Year Over Year

Facebook has continued its US surge, according to Hitwise, having grown its market share from 55.2% of all social networks in August to 58.6% last month. That’s a a 194 percent increase over September, 2008, when it had 19.9% of the market. Other social networks also saw some meaningful changes. MySpace dropped from 33.0% in August to 30.2% last month, while Twitter fell from 1.95% to 1.84%. The report’s data on Facebook roughly matches up with our own data about the site, showing that it grew 8.6% to 88.3 million monthly active users in September.

However, Twitter has grown 1170% since September of last year, it has shown strong underlying growth statistics among new users, and appears to have caught on with millions of teens. Meanwhile, MySpace continues to get the most time on site, with users averaging 25:56 minutes on it per month — although Facebook appears to be catching up in that area, having increased time on site by 23% over the previous September to 23:00 while MySpace has fallen 12%, year-over-year.

Also on the list are social networks Tagged, which rose slighty from 2.36% to 2.38% between August and September, and teen social network myYearbook, which fell from 1.16% to 1.05%.

Meanwhile, Facebook also appears to still be gaining older demographics, at MySpace’s expense.