Hiring The Princess’ Couturier To Make McDonald’s Uniforms

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The first thing we thought when we saw this story is “what is a couturier?” So we looked it up, and found out a couturier is “a person who designs, makes, and sells fashionable clothes for women.”

Surely, McDonald’s would need one of these people to design uniforms for their UK employees. And of course, it can’t just be any couturier, but rather the couturier of Princess Diana.

David Fairhurst, chief people officer for northern Europe at McDonalds, told the Financial Times, “This is another step in McDonald’s’ makeover in the UK…A key component of that is to give employees a designer makeover…in a way that perhaps some of the cheapest airlines, for example, have missed.”

PRNewser’s take: cool stunt, but flipping burgers is flipping burgers, whether your dressed like the princess or not.