Hire a Helper for Cheap Day Labor

Ever wish you can have people bid on taking care of projects that you don’t want to tend to? From mowing the lawn to cleaning your house to laying linoleum tiles, Hire a Helper is like Craigslist with a verification system.hireahelperHere’s how it works: Register for free, create a post of what you are looking to have done, receive offers from helpers that name their price, accept an offer, pay with your credit card through Hire A Helper, receive a payment code. The helper you have agreed to hire will be in contact within 24 hours.

Once the helper has completed the work you hand them the authorization code you received upon checkout and Hire a Helper will direct pay the worker via direct deposit.

If a helper bails on you, you can either choose another helper or cancel the job (you will not be billed).

The area that need the most workers as of this post are people looking for moving help.

The site is aimed towards college-aged kids looking to set their own hours and wage. Additionally, these people are also available for “general” help, meaning you shouldn’t expect a true skilled worker.

Helpers are reviewed by the people who hire them. Workers who have accumulated good reviews and completed more jobs will likely command higher rates.

Hire a Helper is not responsible for helpers. The service just matches workers with employers. Proceed at your own risk. The labor might be cheap, but cheap often comes along with a price tag of its own.