Highly Regarded SpaceTime Windows Mobile Calculator App Now Free Because it is Discontinued

Hey, this sounds like great news for Windows Mobile smartphone users…

SpaceTime 3.0 for Windows Mobile Standard: Now Free!

It sure did to me. SpaceTime has a reputation as being a premiere high-end calculator app for Windows Mobile phones. The great news of its new status as freeware is dampened by the reason for this shift from payware to freeware:

The Windows Mobile Smartphone version of SpaceTime has been discontinued and is now a free download.

That’s right. It is now free because the developer is apparently giving up on Windows Mobile as a development target. That’s really a shame since Windows Phone 7 will need every cool app that can possibly be developed for it if it is going to compete against the iPhone and Android-based phones.

As I said to a number of Microsoft Phone team people while visiting Redmond a few weeks ago: You should bring long time Windows Mobile developers into the loop now, give them all the information they need to develop for 7, and fund them to keep them alive until Windows Phone 7 phones arrive.