High Stickiness Games Do Well on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by DAU

CityVille is nearing FarmVille in both monthly and daily users, as we can see on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by daily active users. The new game is within about a million DAU of the old. Several other new games also have impressive gains:

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. CityVille15,667,523+4,111,826+36%
2. Zuma Blitz1,244,959+475,276+62%
3. Monster Galaxy477,666+289,754+154%
4. Treasure Isle3,158,593+203,639+7%
5. Zoo World875,255+194,552+29%
6. Pet Society2,316,823+173,711+8%
7. Ninja Saga1,134,280+163,586+17%
8. Traveler IQ Challenge153,909+148,593+2,795%
9. 開心農場1,329,727+136,915+11%
10. Games1,449,105+108,189+8%
11. Restaurant City1,937,782+106,307+6%
12. Texas HoldEm Poker 6,755,655+100,001+2%
13. Birthday Cards576,157+93,346+19%
14. MindJolt Games1,870,231+84,672+5%
15. แฮปปี้คนเลี้ยงหม635,026+79,235+14%
16. Crime City945,072+78,859+9%
17. It Girl884,921+73,149+9%
18. Happy Aquarium1,549,779+70,888+5%
19. Millionaire City2,930,897+55,860+2%
20. Hotel City629,093+51,620+9%

We covered CityVille’s growth over the past week this Monday, pointing out at the time that the game would likely surpass FarmVille within three or four days. So far it’s on target, with the magical point possible tomorrow.

The other top gainers are games that we saw getting started earlier this week or last. Zuma Blitz is the latest addicting arcade game from PopCap. The gameplay experience never changes substantially, but the company is keeping users coming back by switching out the game board weekly and running prominent leaderboards — although it also collected some bad reviews during a period of technical troubles.

Monster Galaxy likewise has a high stickiness (ratio of DAU to monthly active users) so far. The game is one of the first on Facebook to really focus on the tween audience that has driven Gaia Online’s other hits; within a few weeks, we should be able to break out demographics for the title.

Most of the remaining titles are older ones that are working back toward previous peaks in DAU. The only other game that’s fairly new is แฮปปี้คนเลี้ยงหม, a Thai game that has been capturing a substantial percentage of Facebook’s total Thai-speaking population.