New Messaging App Lets You Send GIFs to Friends

Hiero is a new app that lets you add GIFs to photos and text messages. If you find emojis lacking, this could be it.


By now, we all have a favorite emoji. You probably even have a secret emoji language that only your and your contacts use, according to New York. But they also leave some emotions and intentions wanting. Why not take it a step further? That’s what Bart Creasman and his co-founders TJ Nevis and Cass Baltz figured when they were trying to heckle their friends after a basketball game. Where’s a good trash talking emoji? “We wanted something a little more animated,” Creasman told me.

Enter Hiero. The duo found some developers and created an app where you can pick from a wide array of GIFs, add your own photos and your own text to create a message. Get it? Like hieroglyphics, but digital. Says Creasman in a statement:

The core idea behind Hiero is a focus on individual expression over content, because in just a few short seconds the message depicted by one of the app’s ‘glyphs’ can convey an unprecedented level of personal expression. For both senders and recipients, context will shape the meaning of each glyph, which deepens connections between people.

Right now, they’re in pre-launch mode, but you can check out the website here. They also want your ideas for new glyphs. Says Creasman:

We want to know what people want to use. We want their ideas, and we can make those images fairly easily. User input would be great. It would help make it a better experience for everyone.

You can follow them at @HieroApp for launch news. It’s still early days, but GIF messaging is in our future. Don’t you think those two little girls should be dancing anyway?