Hide Your Facebook Use At Work With Excell Book

Want to use Facebook at work and not get caught by the boss? Try Excell Book.

First, there was the Boss Button, which enabled employees to sneak peeks at NCAA March Madness on Demand at work, knowing that the click of a button would call up a fake PowerPoint presentation. Now, for those who use Facebook in the office, there’s Excell Book.

Facebook app Excell Book is a creation of apparel company Diesel, interestingly enough.

TheNextWeb reported that Excell Book uses Facebook Connect, allowing users to update their statuses, like content, and instant-message with friends working off an interface that looks like a spreadsheet.

Excell Book is available for Windows and the Mac, and all of the links within it are clickable. In order for the software to work, your machine needs to have Adobe Air — the technology behind other social applications like Seesmic, TweetDeck, and Yammer.

Readers, would you use or have you used technology like the Boss Button or Excell Book? Answer quickly: The boss is coming.

Screenshot courtesy of CNET