Hi All You Fancy Wannabe T-Shirt Designers

Must be something about designers and white t-shirts because this is now the second white t-shirt competition we’ve come across, and being journalistically inclined, we believe that two makes a trend. Deadline’s tomorrow, but the general sense we get is that this contest might not exactly require the most, um, careful thought, or, even, preparation. The theme is “Hi all you fancy graphics lovers,” something we’re feeling. Our fanciness combined with our abject love of graphics makes this a perfect contest for a slow Tuesday morning, and if we had Photoshop, or were visually adept, we’d totally enter. As it is, we might have to stick with a little more Mossimo-type obscure sloganeering, but we’re working on it. Send entries to archinect.competitions@gmail.com and cc us at unbeige@mediabistro.com. (We like to watch.)