Hey, Lookee! A Windows CE Color eBook Reader for $200?

A color ebook reader from a major book vendor (Amazon or Barnes & Noble) would be interesting even though I think single function ebook readers are not long for this world. But, this article in Electronista had another piece of information that I found very interesting…

Paradigm Shift to out color e-book reader at CES

The larger 7-inch model, the EER-071WF, will reportedly be more capable as it will run on Windows CE. This touchscreen device will have WiFi, chat apps, a way to view YouTube videos and view Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF documents. They say this model will be available in February for $200. If it has a decent web browser, it might make a great household web tablet.

Old time gadget fans have probably already noted that Windows CE is the base platform underlying Windows Mobile.