Hey Isn’t That…Bob Schieffer on Bonappetit.com?

bobSchiefferFirst it was Jake Tapper. Now, Bob Schieffer.

The editors over at Bon Appétit must be feeling a bit political as they’ve recently added CBS “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer to its “Morning Routine” lineup.

The 5 decades news veteran spoke with the magazine on a variety of food-related topics including lunching with sources, how he likes his coffee, and passes to healthy eating.

“People always think of reporters as having glamorous jobs where you go out and have these big, fancy lunches with very important people. I’ve been a reporter for 50-something years, and I can count on my nose the number of stories I got at a lunch or a cocktail party,” Schieffer told Bon Appétit’s Rochelle Bilow. “What I’ve discovered is that lunch is for eating. The way you get stories is by calling up the same people every day and asking them the same questions. I’m just an old beat reporter, you know. I’ve never really worked at social occasions—which may be why I enjoy social occasions.”

For the full feature with Schieffer, click on over to Bon Appétit.