Hey, Gamers, The Sims Are Coming To Facebook

Electronic Arts' popular game The Sims is coming to Facebook.

The Sims are coming, the Sims are coming. To Facebook, that is.

Electronic Arts announced Sims Social at E3 this week, without saying when the game will go live.

Nor does the official Facebook page for the application — apparently in order to find out when the game becomes available on the social network, you’ve got to click on the like button.

So far, 85,872 people have done exactly that, as you can see in the screenshot at the bottom of this post.

It’s possible that EA may launch its mobile version of the Sims when the Facebook application goes live.

Sims for other platforms have sold more than 140 million units globally since EA first made the game available in 2000.

If that kind of popularity extends to the Facebook version of the Sims, it would help EA catch up with the reining champion among social game developers, Zynga, which has almost 220 million active players across its games, on a monthly basis.

Right now, EA’s games on Facebook have less than 31 million active players on a monthly basis.

Readers, are you looking forward to the Sims becoming available on Facebook?