Here’s What Makes Disney the Most ‘Intimate’ Brand for Millennials

Amazon and Netflix round out the top 3

If you want to see how much media factors into the lives of millennials, look no further than the latest Brand Intimacy Report.

Independent agency MBLM, which is just out with its 2017 report, said its ranking is the "largest study of brands based on emotions." And this year, 93-year-old Disney tops the list. 

"Disney resonates with this age group because they grew up with the brand. It has kept up with their changing interests and now includes popular franchises like Star Wars and Marvel," said Mario Natarelli, MBLM's managing partner. "Disney is also a mainstay for young families." 

MBLM said intimacy is "a new paradigm that leverages and strengthens the emotional bonds between a person and a brand." MBLM measures intimacy by combining a user's interaction with a brand with their emotional connection, then computes many other archetypes into an algorithm.

Disney has created an impressive outreach to every kind of person that might be a fan of its properties by paying attention to each audience segment (kids, teens, misty-eyed nostalgic millennials, parents, and grandparents) in unique ways particular to each platform.

"Nostalgia, however, does not entirely explain Disney or the other entertainment brands' success," Natarelli told Adweek. "We believe that is also due to how Disney has adapted and evolved and also how millennials in particular, are looking for escape and entertainment in their lives lately."

Rounding out the top five were media brands Amazon, Netflix, Apple and Nintendo.

Natarelli thinks because millennials tend toward "escapism and the need for respite" during this point in their lives, content companies like Disney, Netflix and Nintendo deliver that sense of intimacy.

MBLM spoke with 6,000 consumers and obtained 54,000 brand evaluations throughout the U.S., Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

Last year, Amazon took first place, with Apple and PlayStation filling out the top three.

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