Here’s the North Korean Luxury Ski Resort of Your Dreams

We think you’ll agree that it’s nice to periodically check in on the Worst People in the World to confirm that they are, in fact, insane. Good for a little perspective on your own career, no?

Today brings news that Kim Jong-Un—fresh off allowing VICE and Dennis Rodman to shame every other Western media outlet with the first “Inside North Korea” story in forever—will continue his ongoing “look how rich we are” campaign by opening a luxury ski resort this week. The resort, which Kim made sure to announce to the rest of the world several months ago, is now “open” to the “public” after nearly a year of “furious labour” via “solider builders”, and it doesn’t sound even the least bit frightening.

Koryo Group, a Beijing-based travel agency offering “unprecedented access” to “the world’s most mysterious country” for travelers who are “planning a trip, but not sure where to go”(!), claims that the new resort will be open to foreign tourists. Kim apparently wants to use it to demonstrate not only his familiarity with skiing (he went to school in Switzerland) but also his dedication to the environment. During the building process, he “underlined the need to preserve the ecological environment and prevent pollution.”

Looks like he caught the green marketing bug! The new resort has plenty of steep runs, great views, a hotel, a heliport and the usual assortment of native propaganda in case anyone misses the message. What doesn’t it have? Snow, lifts, and people who actually know how to ski.

As the man’s own spin-meisters put it, this project may be the best illustration of “the hot wind of sports blowing through Korea”. We definitely got the hot wind part…

Now ask yourself: are my Mondays really that bad?

*Photo via the Associated Press