Here’s How Walmart PR Breaks Big News

With infographics and YouTube clips.

You may have heard this morning that Walmart chose to raise many of its employees’ base salaries to $10/hour, which is of course above the federal minimum wage.

We don’t want to call this a “stunt,” per se, but it is a big move for the country’s largest employer. Here’s how it happened:

First, the press release went out to targeted journalists, who shared it with no link:

Then came the writeups. Then came…the infographic and YouTube video?!

This is the new multi-media press release, but you’ve seen those before. Here’s CEO Doug McMillon explaining himself in front of pictures of his kids:

We have to note McMillon’s imperfect, folksy speaking style. Here’s the infographic to drive his points home:

walmart infog

Walmart also pinned the video atop its Twitter feed to increase visibility.

How is the media responding to the announcement? Carefully. As Reuters notes, the changes “will cover about 40 percent of [Walmart’s] U.S. workforce,” and critics will almost certainly not be satisfied.

We will say this for Walmart: for some reason, the company chose to leave the comments open on the press release page. While some respondents praise the company, most raise a central issue among employees: what about me?

Walmart comments

Still a fairly successful execution on Walmart’s part.